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of Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces 

Experience extraordinarily powerful flames that extend even more than other electric fireplaces. Narrow walls are emphasized by the Napoleon Premium Fire ALLURE™ VERTICAL series. An electric fireplace from this series fits perfectly into any room, even smaller ones. Instantly and magically, it always draws the eye with its flickering play of fire in a warm orange, friendly yellow, crisp blue and multicolor. In addition, the side accent lights provide a further ambiance through the beautiful shades of white, blue, green, red, yellow, purple or an automatically rotating cycle of colors.

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Geniesse das intensive flammenerlebnis

Einschalten und genießen: Die ALLURE™-Serie der Napoleon Premium Fire Elektrokamine begeistert dich mit einem intensiven Flammenerlebnis, das durch die Bodenbedeckung mit Kristallglut-Elementen noch verstärkt wird. Die hinter der hochwertigen Glasfront wunderbar tanzenden Flammen des E-Kamins geben jedem Raum eine ganz spezielle Note und dir Entspannung pur. Das Flammenspiel kannst du ohne und mit eingeschalteter Heizleistung genießen.

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Enjoy a new dimension of fire

Create ambiance: the ALLURE™ VERTICAL series of Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces instantly and magically draws the eye with its flickering play of fire. It emphasizes narrow walls, and with this exceptional design, you will experience extraordinarily powerful flames that extend even further than other electric fireplaces.

Particularly effective in small rooms

The ALLURE™ VERTICAL series creates many possibilities to enjoy the extraordinary interplay of flames. It makes electric fireplaces suitable for small rooms, the kitchen, an entrance area and narrow walls, with heights of 32” and 38” (81 and 96 centimeters) and a width of 16” (40 centimeters).

Main features of the series

  • Ideal for small rooms, kitchens and narrow walls
  • Two heat output settings: 750W or 1,500W
  • Experience the play of fire with and without the heating power switched on
  • Flame colors: orange, yellow, blue and multicolor
  • Flame intensity and height are adjustable to five settings, adjustable flame speed
  • Thermostat control with ten settings from 16°C to 29°C 
  • Overheating protection and child safety lock
  • Cable cover system included: The length of the connection cable for the device is 1.80 meters

Atmospheric colors

Choose between a warm orange, a friendly yellow, crisp blue or a multicolored combination to suit your mood. High-intensity LEDs with a long life span and low energy consumption let the flames dance.

At the push of a button

Easily control the strength and color intensity of the flames in your electric fireplace using the remote control or touch panel. The touchscreen control lamps are only visible during operation.

Heating and ventilation

Thanks to their two-stage heating output of 750 or 1,500 watts, the models in the ALLURE™ VERTICAL series are among the most powerful electric fireplaces on the market, capable of heating rooms of up to 25m². They also come with a ventilation feature.

Flexible mounting

The electric fireplaces of the ALLURE™ VERTICAL series can be mounted on the wall or integrated into it. At a depth of just 14 centimeters, they are very flat and barely protrude into the room.

You can easily install your Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace yourself.

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Various models in this series

Attractive accessories

The ALLURE™ VERTICAL series electric fireplaces come with dark crystal beads included. Birchwood decorations (branches and clear crystal glow elements) and driftwood decorations (branches and river pebbles) are also available as additional accessories.

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