The workings of an electric fireplace

The workings of an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace creates a good atmosphere in your home. Moreover, nowadays, there are many models that emit heat. An absolute win-win! But how safe is such a fireplace really? And does it use a lot of energy? Continue reading and you will find answers to the most common questions about the way electric fireplaces work.

An electric fireplace: just like real flames

The flames you see with an electric fireplace are fake, of course. However, you wouldn’t believe that when you’re looking at them. Moreover, you can often customise the flames, switching them from yellow to orange to blue! You can also determine the flame speed and strength for yourself.

Because you are not tied to a chimney, you can hang or place an electric fireplace in almost any spot in your home. In the kitchen, bedroom or sitting room. You could use it at home or it could be placed in a restaurant or other location—the possibilities are endless! As long as there is an electricity connection (in the form of an earthed socket) available.

A stylish source of warmth

There are electric fireplaces with and without heating functions. You decide whether you want to switch on the heating function. The temperature that you can achieve in your room with the heating function of the fireplace switched on depends on the size of the room. This means that an electric fireplace is certainly a good source of heat, especially during spring and autumn, when you might not want to heat your entire house. The fireplace can easily serve as local heating or “zone heating”.

Is it really cold? Then we do not recommend using the electric fireplace as your main source of heating. The fireplace has too little power to fully heat larger rooms. But to create a nice atmosphere and add just a little extra comfort, you can, of course, use the electric fireplace all year round!

Can an electric fireplace be placed close to a TV?

Because an electric fireplace sometimes emits heat, an obvious question is whether you can hang a TV above such a fireplace.

Usually, placing a TV near an electric fireplace is not a problem, instead of a gas heater that emits heat at a higher intensity. Of course, too much heat is not good for the durability of your TV.

The advantage of an electric fireplace is the back of it, which doesn’t get warm. You can therefore easily place the fireplace under or above a TV, taking into account the distance of 20 cm above or below the TV. Alternatively, you can consider placing your TV in a nook, on a shelf, or in combination with the fireplace on a so-called “cine-wall”. Very stylish!

An electric fireplace is safe

One of the biggest advantages of an electric fireplace is its safety. Firstly, the risk of fire is virtually nil. After all, you are not dealing with real flames. This also encompasses a health benefit, as the air in the house remains cleaner and there is no particulate matter that is harmful to your respiratory tract, heart and blood vessels. Also, no carbon monoxide is released.

Do you have children or animals at home? An electric fireplace is also ideal in this case. They can move freely without being able to burn themselves on fire or come into contact with harmful substances. In addition, our fireplaces offer protection against overheating.

Working with an electric fireplace

If you know where your electric fireplace comes into its own, you are almost there. It is only a matter of plugging it in and switching on the fire with the remote control. You reduce the stress, if any, of lighting the fire or preventing smoke. A more user-friendly option than that is not available!

And do you want to move or relocate with your fireplace? That’s no problem. The fireplace is easy to remove from the wall. All you need in your new home is a grounded outlet or fixed power source (220 or 240 volts).

Energy consumption

The power consumption of electric fireplaces depends on the use of the heating function. For our fireplaces, you don’t need to switch on the heating function. Choosing to switch on the heating function? Then our fireplaces consume between 750 and 2000 Watts. Are you using the fireplace without a heating function? Then the fireplace only consumes between 10 and 12 Watts, which costs less than half a cent per hour.

Energy prices fluctuate, but electricity is cheaper compared to gas. And do you want to use even less energy? Then you can simply switch off the heat setting. Thanks to our energy-saving and sustainable LED lamps in the fireplace, you can benefit from a cosy atmosphere all year round if you choose one of our electric fireplaces.