The Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces of the ALLURE™ PHANTOM series are extra powerful when it comes to both flame image and heat generation. The matt black metal front with metal mesh of these electric fireplaces ensures a reflection-free view of the flames and the play of colours of the crystal embers in the floor covering. Particularly in rooms with difficult lighting conditions, this highlight of the electric fireplace translates to pure enjoyment for yourself.

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Main Features Of The Allure™ Phantom Series

- Matt black front with metal mesh for a reflection-free view
- Heating capacities: 950 and 2,000 watts
- Enjoy the play of flames without and with the heating power switched on
- Flame colours: Orange, blue and multi-colour
- Flame strength and height adjustable in five stages
- Thermostat control with ten settings from 18° to 27 °Celsius
- Overheat protection and child safety
- Cable cover system included: The length of the connection cable for the device is 1.80 metres

Magnificent Play Of Colours

This electric fireplace shows a realistic display of the play of flames in the colours orange, blue and multi-colour by way of high-intensity LEDs with a long service life and low power consumption.

Heating And Ventilation

Thanks to their two-stage heating output of 950 and 2,000 watts, the models of the ALLURE™ PHANTOM models are among the most powerful wall-mounted electric fireplaces on the market: They effortlessly heat rooms of up to approx. 30 m². They also come with a ventilation feature.

Control at the touch of a button

Easily control the strength and colour intensity of the flames in the electric fireplace using the remote control or the touch panel. The touchscreen control lamps are only visible during operation.

Why an electric fireplace?

The Napoleon Premium Fireplaces take fire to a new dimension. Create unique living experiences at the push of a button. Enjoy the radiance of the flames in the summer and feel comfortably warm in the winter thanks to the heating function. Adjust the colours and intensity for your personal flame picture, without smoke or unpleasant smells. And if you move home, your Napoleon Premium Fire can easily be taken with you.

More than electric

Napoleon Premium Fire.

You can create the perfect atmosphere in your home with Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces, for every type of home and style of interior. We bring fire to a new dimension. The various options in our range of electric fireplaces, design elements and simple controls mean that you can enjoy a special experience with fire that suits every mood. Enjoy special experiences with fire that suit every mood. Surprise yourself and others around you by making your home an atmospheric place, with Napoleon Premium Fire.

40 years of experience

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