Six myths about electric fireplaces debunked

Six myths about electric fireplaces debunked

Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity—and for good reasons. The fact that you only need a socket to run an electric fireplace makes it a great alternative to wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces. Yet there are still some myths circling around, such as: an electric fireplace doesn’t create an ambience, it does not emit any heat and it makes a lot of noise. Or how about the idea that an electric fireplace guzzles energy and emits harmful substances? Below, you can read why these thoughts are nothing more than myths.

Myth 1: An electric fireplace creates no ambience

Electric fireplaces do not work with real fire. But that doesn’t mean they are unattractive. Contrarily, Napoleon’s electric fireplaces take “fire” to a new dimension. The flames are realistic, thanks to the use of the most ingenious techniques and LED lighting. You’ll truly feel like you’re looking at real fire. In addition, you can choose the colour of the flames, or a combination of colours, to suit yourself.

An electric fireplace is an added value because of the flames, but also because of the great design. The stimulating light effects give you energy, while a warm play of colours ensures relaxation. Enjoy the glow of the fire in the summer and feel cosy warmth with an additional heating function in the autumn and spring or on freezing cold days. It couldn’t be more pleasant!

Myth 2: An electric fireplace does not emit heat

The great thing about how an electric fireplace works is that you decide whether it emits heat or not. With a simple push of a button, whether on a remote control or on the electric fireplace itself, you switch on the heating. You will find several heat settings on a Napoleon electric fireplace. They can be set to a maximum of 2000 Watt (2 kW). This provides comfortable additional heating in your living room. Do you just want to enjoy an atmospheric sea of ​​flames? No problem: simply don’t switch on the heating.

Myth 3: An electric fireplace uses a lot of energy

One of the great advantages of the electric fireplace is that it actually is energy efficient. After all, you use electricity instead of gas. With the current gas prices, you’re already choosing a cheaper option by going for electricity. In addition, if you do not switch on the heating function of the electric fireplace, the power consumption varies from 10 to 12 Watts. That equates to less than half a cent per hour. If you do turn on the heating of the electric fireplace, the power consumption is between 1,000 and 2,000 Watts.

Our e-fireplaces are climate neutral when using green energy. The open window monitoring system also ensures low power consumption. Has the room temperature dropped by 10° Celsius within three minutes? Then our electric fireplace automatically switches the thermostat to a lower setting. You can also use the timer function to set the heating function for the day, ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours per day!

Myth 4: Electric fireplaces produce a lot of noise

The way an electric fireplace works is different, but they never produce a lot of noise. Have you switched on the heating setting? Then the fan noise is less than 45 dB. If you’re not using the heating setting, then you won’t hear anything and you can just enjoy the flames.

Myth 5: You can burn yourself on an electric fireplace

You can easily burn yourself on a real fire. This is different with an electric fireplace. No child, adult or animal can burn their fingers or paws when touching the glass or metal front. And the flames? An electric fireplace does not work with real fire and is therefore a lot safer than the traditional fireplace or a gas fireplace.

Myth 6: Harmful substances are released when you use an electric fireplace

Do you have a gas fireplace? Then you run the risk of too much CO₂ emissions. And with an old-fashioned wood-burning stove, fine dust is unavoidably released due to the swirling ash. Fine dust creates pollution because small, chemical particles float through the air. Inhalation of this is harmful to your health. For those with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, this leads to an aggravation of their symptoms. It can also negatively affect the lung development of children.

The Napoleon electric fireplaces do not burn anything when they are switched on, so no harmful substances are released when using an electric fireplace. In addition, we do not use hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment in our production process—and this applies to the entire production process. In addition, we regularly carry out inspections and checks to continue to guarantee the safety of our electric fireplaces: for you, your (furry) housemates and for ourselves.

So don’t be fooled in respect of the atmosphere and the workings of an electric fireplace. In many ways, it enriches your house, apartment or veranda.